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Android Commercial

AndroidI was inspired to create an Android commercial, Google's new mobile operating system, after a friend commented on Facebook about how much they loved their new myTouch cell phone by HTC. I've been meaning to create a 30 second commercial about something to add to my portfolio, but never got around to doing it, until now. From start to finish the entire creative process took approximately 30 hours to complete, translating to about an hour of work for every 1 second in the commercial. Truth be told, I loved every second of making this commercial.

The software used to bring this commercial to life are:

Adobe Creative Suite
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • SoundBooth
  • Premiere Pro
  • The starting point of the creative process for me was establishing a core message and theme. In other words, the main point I wanted to get across to the viewer and how that message would be presented. As I researched Android's benefits and compared them to its main competitiors (Symbian and Windows Mobile), one key benefit ressinated with me. That key benefit was a single, powerful word: open. Android is open source (built on the open Linux Kernel) which means any developer is free to shape and mold the mobile operating system into anything they want without the restrictions they would otherwise have with closed platforms such as WinMo. To me, the message also meant keeping an open mind when selecting a new phone and consider one that is powered by Android. Making the decision to have the core message be "open" was a no brainer.

    Once the message was decided on, I had a pretty good idea about how I wanted to present it to the audience. Google's homepage had a huge influence on how I ultimately decided on visually present and communicating the message. The intent of taking the minimalist approch was so that the message was loud and clear without any noise or distractions. During the final phases of the creative project I had some of my family and friends watch the commercial. Their facial expressions and reactions during and after the viewing was critical in letting me know if I was on track with the direction of the commercial. Their feedback was for the most part positive with the added suggestion of adding an image representitve of each of the vertically scrolling text. Although the feedback was welcomed, I was immidiately against this suggestion because I felt that it would be a distraction.

    Originally I was toying with the idea of using "Let Your Love Flow" by Petra Haden for the audio. I consualted with one of my good friends Alex, who also happens to be a music guru, had him listen to the music and describled the kind of feeling I was shooting for. Basically I wanted something that was upbeat, simple (no more than 2-3 intruments) and happy. After sampling a few songs he had me listen to "What Am I Gonna Do" by The Dovers and instantly I knew it would be the perfect beat in complementing the message in the commercial. So a special thanks goes out to Alex for his help and recommendations.

    The commercial was created in native HD 1080p resolution and down-converted to 720p for upload to YouTube and Vimeo. Comparing the video quality side-by-side, in my opinion, Vimeo does a better job at encoding and compressing the video because the image looks sharper.

    The best would be if Marissa Mayer or Matt Cutts (big fan of both) watched the commercial and commented on what they thought about it.

  • Android
  • myTouch by HTC
  • Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection
  • Disclaimer:
    This commercial is not commissioned, endorsed, sponsored or approved by Google. This commercial is only intended to raise awareness of Android and build my personal portfolio.

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