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Thoughts On Google
Past, Present, and Future


Answer this simple question: why do you go online?
Easy enough right?

This is what Google asks themselves everyday and for each and every answer, they've come up with a solution that enables you to do it easier, better, and faster than anyone else.

  • work (google docs)
  • friends
  • news
  • entertainment (youtube)
  • search (web, maps, etc.)
  • purchase

Taking it a step further beyond asking the question why and asking how. To enable you to do all these things, they also want to control the entire user experience too by creating the Chrome browser, which is essentially the portal that makes accessing the web possible at the speed of Google. Soon the Chrome browser will fuse with Chrome OS and cloud computing will transition from a industry buzz word to a household name making your documents, pictures, and files securely accessible from any computer. They also had the insight and foresight of knowing how people would connect to the world wide web in the future (present time) using mobile devices and created Android.

Google started out with search because it was the largest piece of the pie, but also because it would set the foundation of everything that comes after it. The company's search algorithm has enabled relevancy and speed, and their approach to simple, minimalist user interface design has carried over in making its offerings easier to use.

Google has become and is now the center of your daily life, being no more then 3 feet away at all times; think about it.

  • working on a document or spreadsheet? Google Docs
  • checking e-mail? Gmail
  • need directions? Google Maps
  • searching for something? Google it
  • cellphone in your pocket? powered by Android from Google
  • watching TV in your living room? Google TV (coming soon)
  • the browser used to go online? Chrome by Google
  • the software that powers your computer? Chrome OS by Google (coming soon)

Wake up in the morning and the activities for the day depends on the weather outside? You don't turn on the TV anymore. You reach for your smartphone powered by Android that's an arms length away (3 feet).

As another hypothetical situation, take for example your on vacation in a city your unfamiliar with and craving pizza. The entire process starts and ends with Google. Pull out your phone powered by Android, bring up Google search tied to Google local that shows pizza places in the area with user reviews and turn by turn directions on how to get there using Google maps (take your pick: driving, walking, biking or taking public transit).

Google diagram ISP (Internet Service Provider)? That's right: Google TiSP Electric company? Yep: Google Energy

Most users associate Google with search and rightfully so, but if you connect the dots and look at all the wonderful things Google is working on and the vision Eric Schmidt (CEO of Google) has for Google you will see how the company will change the world. For those who can see Eric's vision, it's inspirational, ambitious, exciting, and revolutionary. I can see why the Google team is so passionate about and motivated in contributing to something that will benefit the world. I would be proud too if I worked for Google.

This article was drafted using Google Docs, diagram created using Google Drawing, tested using Google Chrome, monetized using Google AdSense, tracked using Google Analytics, and optimized for Google search.

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